Our Services and Training

We offer a wide variety of training courses to compliment either software or more assistive technology. Have a read below for all the courses we offer. If you would like to book one of our courses, please get in touch. Please note all prices below are Ex.VAT

Software Training (2 hour) £295.00 + VAT

Specialist software training for Dragon, Texthelp, by a professional accredited trainer at the user’s workplace. Duration 2 hours.

Coping Strategies Training (2 hour) £350.00 + VAT

It is almost impossible to predict how one person will respond to stress and trauma at any particular time. Some people are capable of dealing with tremendous pressure and can even thrive on it. Others, however, will find themselves overwhelmed by apparently trivial developments or changes.
But perhaps the most crucial indicator of how we deal with stress and trauma is the quality of our coping strategies. The more effectively we are able to respond to stress, and minimise the anxiety that comes along with it, the more resilient we
will become in the long term. Our objective is to provide the client with the skills and knowledge that will help them cope effectively in such situations. Both cumulative and acute stress has the capacity to undermine our ability to function in today’s workplace. Trauma can put a stop to everything. The ways we find to cope, however, will have a critical impact on our ability to recover and return to a productive, functioning working life.

Technical Support of Assistive Technology

Creating a caring environment with full awareness and understanding surrounding disability issues is of the highest importance to us. Each customer’s needs are considered a priority, and we aim to provide appropriate remedial action and to discuss specific problems without time constraints.

Details of each technical issue are logged and recorded in the Customer Support database and our team of highly trained staff aim to fix the issue over the telephone directly or work closely with the users IT Department where certain Administrator access is required. The customer is provided with regular feedback and we are committed to providing satisfactory resolutions.

We currently support users of Assistive Technology in many large organisations through our telephone and email support channels and can also provide a bespoke support package upon request.

All of our trainers are fully accredited and CRB checked

All for the above prices exclude VAT

To book or for more information on our training courses, please get in touch.