UltraBoard 950 Wired Keyboard

£79.14 inc. VAT

An ultra compact, lightweight Scissor action keyboard that combines ergonomics with a stylish design.

With 2 USB ports (USB hub)


UltraBoard 950 is the latest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen.

A light scissor action keystroke, 2 USB ports and clear layout make this a complete keyboard.

The biggest difference to a standard keyboard is that it has no numerical section, which makes the keyboard narrower.

A compact keyboard reduces the distance to the mouse and reduces strain on your lower arms.

An added benefit is that a compact variant is easier to transport in a laptop bag. You therefore need not rely on your laptop keyboard.

Additional information


Width 285mm, Depth 147mm, Height 19mm


455 grams


2 USB ports

Connection Type



Windows 98, XT, 2000, Vista, Win. 7, 8 and 10.
As for other OS such as Apple Mac and Linux system, the S-board should work with those computers as long as the system supports USB keyboard.


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