UltraBoard 950 Cordless Keyboard

£85.14 inc. VAT

An ultra compact, cordless lightweight Scissor action keyboard that combines ergonomics with a stylish design.



The UltraBoard 950 cordless keyboard is the newest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen.

A light scissor action keystroke and clear layout make this a complete keyboard.

Because it is wireless, has rechargeable batteries and works with both Windows and macOS, this keyboard will meet all your needs.

The biggest difference with a standard keyboard is that there is no numeric keypad, which makes the keyboard smaller.

With a compact  keyboard the reaching distance to the mouse is smaller, reducing the load on your forearms.

Another advantage is that a more compact variant is easier to transport in a laptop case, so you do not have to depend on your laptop keyboard.

Additional information


Width 285mm, Depth 147mm, Height 19mm


430 grams


2 USB ports




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