The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad

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The Bakker Elkhuizen Egg Ergo Mouse Pad



The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad is an ergonomic mouse pad with a unique egg-shaped design. This design is actually the natural mouse pattern of a computer user.

The mouse stays in place thanks to the rubber bottom of the mousepad. You can move the mouse fast and smoothly, and stay productive.

This is also a warmth-isolating mousepad. Your hands keep their warmth and do not touch the cold desk. This will help you prevent discomfort and complaints.

The egg shape follows the natural mouse pattern, so that you never end up next to the mousepad. With traditional square mousepads you frequently shuffle off the pad.

The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad has a antibacterial layer. This ensures optimal hygiene and keeps undesired smells from lingering.

Additional information


Width 320mm, Depth 300mm, Height 2mm


60 grams


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