Small Desk Raiser

£274.80 inc. VAT

Sit-Stand Solution: A cost-effective sit-stand solution. Easy to use to enable you to go from sitting to standing with a single lever adjustment.


Please click on the link below for the data and environmental information for the desk riser
Desk Raiser Product Datacard


Movement is key when working with computers and there’s increasing evidence that static sitting over sustained periods is bad for you.

We evolved to move, and varying our posture keeps us more alert and fitter during the working day.

Height Adjustment: Smooth vertical height adjustment from 120-450mm.
Platform: Optional keyboard and mouse platform included.
Weight: Maximum weight capacity of 15kgs.
Warranty: 12 months.


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   Small-Desk-Raiser_Homeworking-Accessory_Product-Datacard (application/pdf)