Score Amazone Saddle Stool

£432.00 inc. VAT

Some work environments and activities are not suitable for an ordinary chair.

The Amazone features an anatomically shaped saddle that allows the pelvis to tilt into the right position for a healthy, balanced and relaxed back posture.
Available in Black leatherette or Stamskim cloth.
Stamskim cloth is urine and blood proof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • *Seat Height

    *Back Support


    *Foot Height Adjustment

    *Upholstery Colour

    Leatherette - Backing Cotton Jersey, coating fire retardant plasticised PVC.

    Stamskin TOP F 4340, backing Polyamide-jersey, coating anti-microbial and
    anti-fungal treatment. Advantages = Urine, blood, sweat, fungal and 100 % waterproof.

  • *Delivery and Assembly

    Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features.

    Please note that these special delivery and installation prices are for website orders only. Applicable for Mainland UK only.


Gas height Adjustment
Adjustable seating angle
Seat size 34x30cms (W x D)

Additional information

Amazone Low Height

Work surface height 70 – 80 cms
Sitting height 49 – 63 cms

Amazone Standard Height

Work surface height 80 – 90 cms
Sitting height 57 – 76 cms

Amazone High Height

Work surface height 90 -100 cms
Sitting height 63 – 88 cms


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