S-Board 840 (Saturnus) Numeric Pad

£57.54 inc. VAT

Separate Mini Keyboard with works with all compact keyboards


The design of this separate numeric part fits the the Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board 840 compact keyboard.

The S-board 840 Numeric is suitable for users who work intensively with data input.

This separate numeric addition has 26 different keys as well as a calculator function, calculator results can be transferred directly into programs.

An ergonomic compact keyboard (with separate numeric addition) lowers the reaching distance to the mouse, is easier on the forearms, and is more comfortable than standard keyboards.

A separate numeric addition makes it possible to alternate between left-handed and right-handed data input. This increases both comfort and productivity at work.

Additional information


Width 95mm, Depth 165mm, Height 21.5mm


120 grams


Windows 98, XT, 2000, Vista, Win. 7, 8 and 10.
As for other OS such as Apple Mac and Linux system, the S-board should work with those computers as long as the system supports USB keyboard.
However; function keys (Office short cut keys, multimedia keys, Windows keys etc) on S-board might not work properly on those non-Windows OS PCs.

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