Mousetrapper Active Floormat

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Having an Active mat handy at work allows you to work standing up for long periods without getting tired.

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Ergonomic mat that helps you stay standing for longer at work.

The Active is designed so that you can wear your ordinary shoes while keeping your feet in an ergonomic and comfortable position.

You burn significantly more energy when you stand up than when you sit down all day.

Many lifestyle diseases in developed countries are caused by being too sedentary. When you stand up, you continuously distribute your weight between both feet. This signals to the body that you are active and causes it to burn more energy.

Stylish mat, made of hard wearing rubber and polyurethane (PU) which is easy to clean.


Additional information


Width 740mm, Depth 450mm, Height 18mm


875 grams


Rubber and polyurethane


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