Jolly Back Chair

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The award-winning Jolly Back Chair is an innovative low seating solution, designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist, for adults working at low heights.

Ergonomic features improve comfort, posture and help reduce and prevent back pain, muscle and joint aches (primarily in the neck, shoulders, knees and hips) by addressing the challenges of sitting at child height, bending over and kneeling at low tables.

  • *Chair Size

    *Upholstery Colour

    The cloth upholstery is waterproof, breathable and antibacterial, is hard-wearing, durable and washable, perfectly suited to children’s environments 
    A waterproof, vinyl option is available.




Features and Benefits

Low-level chair – enables adult users to sit and work at the same height as children whilst having their spine comfortably supported in a natural upright posture. Being low is advantageous to children’s back and neck health too as it limits excessive straining from looking too high up when seated on the floor.

Upholstered seat wedge – promotes and supports a natural upright posture which encourages the correct hip and spine angle for back and hip health and enables knees to be lower or level with hips when sitting at a low height. The deep foam provides exceptional comfort.

The angled shape of the seat allows users to actively straighten their legs under low tables and assists those who find getting up from standard chairs difficult. Circulation, digestion and oxygen flow around the body are improved with an “open, tall posture”, assisting energy levels, productivity and wellbeing.

Height adjustable lower back support – working in combination with the seat wedge, individual and precise lumbar support promotes natural upright posture and allows back muscles to relax into the cushioned support. The adjustment is quick and easy giving correct support, exactly where it’s needed.

High quality, lockable wheels – provide easy, smooth movement when seated. This reduces twisting and sheering forces on discs (associated with slipped / prolapsed discs and Sciatica) as the Jolly Back chair moves with you.
Moving when seated can also save time as it limits the need to frequently get up and down and bend over when working between groups of children. The lockable wheels enable safe storage of the chair. (The Small Jolly Back has Glide Feet Not Castors)

Tall backrest handle – allows safe and upright movement of the chair, without the user bending or lifting. This also improves child safety as the chair can be moved without being lifted.
Compact and unobstructed floor space underneath chair – offers unrestricted movement, reduces trip hazard for users and children, and is ideally suited where space is limited.


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