Back App Support Stool

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BackApp is the only chair with the Back App technology.
It is the Back App technology that gives you the training effect and strengthens your back.

With your feet on the support ring (not the floor like other chairs) the chair balances free in all directions on the adjustable ball. The back seat ridge, together with the high sitting position and open hip angle reinforces the back’s natural lumbar curve.

Unlike other chairs Back App:

  • Seat Height 543 – 769mm
  • Is Guaranteed to strengthen your back.
  • Trains your back while you are sitting.
  • Superior to all other chairs because you sit in constant movement.
  • The seat design puts your hips in an open and relaxed position and you automatically get a more naturally curved spinal column. Because of this sitting position, your vertebrae and intervertebral discs get optimal conditions.
  • You can easily adjust the level of exercise and balance training by twisting the balance ball.

Seating Assessment Service
If you’re not sure about your requirements or the appropriate chair specification for your needs, please use our online seating assessment service

  • *Frame Colour

    *Upholstery Colour


  • *Delivery and Assembly

    Our specialists can assemble your chair at your own premises, install all the components and demonstrate all the usage features.

    Please note that these special delivery and installation prices are for website orders only. Applicable for Mainland UK only.


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