CPU Holder

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  • The ViewMate Thin CPU Holder is designed to place onto the ViewMate Style/Ecoline monitor arm. The holder is clamped onto the pole and similar to the monitor arm, is adjustable in height, ensuring both arm and holder are not getting in each other’s way.

    Suitable for Thin CPU’s between 42-65mm wide and maximum 300mm high.
    Coated with layer of anti-skid rubber foam for snug mounting.
    Maximum weight capacity of 7kg
    (WxDxH): 123-147 x 104 x 139mm

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  • An easy and cost effective way to fit your CPU vertically or horizontally.
    Holds the CPU 60mm from desk.
    Unique catch strap locking system.
    Strap length 1500mm.
    Comes in Silver or Black

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  • Easy, unique and safe width adjustment
    Elegant design and safe use for vertical assembly of small, medium and slim computers.
    QuickClick is adjusted very easily using the quick-lock “Ratchet Control”, for absolutely secure locking.
    In Silver
    Width min/max 50-135, Height min/max 225-435 mm

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  • A wide CPU holder to hang on the underside of a desk.
    Quick to install and easy to use.
    Width adjustable from 70-230mm.
    Height from 310-555 mm.

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Showing all 4 results