Stools and High Worksurface Chairs

Welcome to our Stools and High Worksurface Chairs section at Online Ergonomics, where versatile seating meets modern workspace demands. In today’s evolving work environments, adaptability is key, and our range of stools and high worksurface chairs are designed to offer just that.

Whether you are outfitting a laboratory, a studio, or simply looking for flexible seating options for your office, this range brings you options that are as robust as they are stylish. These chairs offer an elevated seating position, facilitating easy access to high worksurfaces while promoting a healthy posture and reducing strain on your legs and back.

Our selection of stools and high worksurface chairs are characterised by their sturdiness and ergonomic design, offering features like adjustable height settings, footrests, and supportive backrests. Their sleek and modern designs ensure that they integrate seamlessly into a variety of work environments, enhancing the aesthetics while providing comfort and support.

We invite you to discover the versatility that this range offers. You will find seating solutions that are not only suited for high desks but also provide a stylish and comfortable option for collaborative spaces or standing desks. And, as always, our expert team is on standby to assist you in finding the right option through personalised guidance via our Seating Assessment Form.