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Ergonomics – working from home

Improve your working environment with Online Ergonomics’ working from home range

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound and lasting effect on the way we work and the way in which services are delivered. It’s inevitable that social distancing, travel to and from work, and localised lock- downs will be the norm for many months to come, and businesses are having to completely review their plans and practices to remain efficient and profitable for the future.

Working from home (WFH) was one of the first steps taken by businesses in order to respond to the business threat and it’s been very successful overall. So much so, that many major companies are considering this solution to be feasible and achievable for many months further and may even become the long-term company aim for the majority of office workers.

Employers remain responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their employees even when they work from home — in that respect the employee’s home becomes an outpost of the main office and employers are responsible for an employee’s working conditions and for the equipment they require them to use in order to work comfort- ably and safely. Some companies recognised this need early and either provided office equipment to be used in the home, or alter- natively, gave home workers a budget to source and purchase their own workstation, chair, or ergonomic accessories.

Laptops are the most popular device for many people working at home, but when used for long hours they can be a serious health risk to your neck, back and wrists. A quality laptop kit can turn your laptop into the perfect home-based workstation.

The UniMouse Laptop Kit includes a multi-award-winning adjustable Contour UniMouse, which will help take strain away from the wrist, a professional mini Keyboard, which can also act as a charging hub for your mobile phone, and the popular Contour Laptop Stand allowing you to raise your laptop screen to a considerably more comfort- able viewing height.

The UniMouse Laptop Kit enables you to sit up straight while you work and represents excellent value for money for home workers looking to optimise their home workstation.

If you have the space, then there’s nothing better than a dedicated home office with a high quality and stylish desk, office chair and desktop solutions. However, not everyone is so lucky, and many people will need to find a solution where they can operate effectively and safely in minimal space or with equipment that doesn’t look out of place in their home setting.

Quality Office Equipment

Online Ergonomics has been at the forefront of providing cost-effective, well-designed, quality office equipment for almost 20 years. The company is rising to the challenge of providing the same standards, quality and customer service to clients working from home. It has therefore put together a combination of recommended and well-trialled solutions in its ‘Working from Home’ range. Most importantly, Online Ergonomics is in a unique position not only to supply and deliver, but also install all furniture in your home office nationwide.

Look on the website to find a solution that works for both you, and your employer.