Step 1: Initial Contact and Assessment

Start the process by completing our Access to Work Assessment Form. This form enables us to understand your basic measurements and the current issues you face in achieving a comfortable work setup.

Step 2: Telephone Consultation

Upon receiving your completed Assessment Form, we will conduct a short telephone discussion to further understand your needs in the workplace and to clarify any points that may influence our recommendations.

Step 3: Receiving Quotation

After the discussion, you will receive an email Quotation from us. This document specifies our recommendations, along with the cost of each item of equipment at our discounted A2W price.

Step 4: Discussing Recommendations

You can then discuss our recommendations with your employer or Health & Safety representative. It is crucial to make sure our solutions align with your specific work environment and needs.

Step 5: Submitting Quotation to A2W Case Manager

After you’ve had discussions with relevant parties, submit our detailed quotation to your A2W Case Manager. This step is necessary to obtain their agreement to provide funding for the recommended equipment under the Scheme.

Step 6: Ordering Equipment

If you choose for us to supply the recommended equipment, we will prepare your order and subsequently contact you to agree a convenient delivery date and time.

Step 7: Delivery and Training

Our team will deliver the goods, assist in the setting-up of the equipment, and provide you with basic training in the correct and safe use of the items. We will show you how to make adjustments to improve your working day.

Step 8: Now You’re Working Comfortably

With Online Ergonomics Ltd, you have a one-stop-shop for all things ergonomic, ensuring your comfort and productivity throughout your work day.

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