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Fantastic Ergonomics at a Brilliant Price




Fantastic Ergonomics at a Brilliant Price

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  • Height adjustable footrest, raises and tilts for comfort and support. Adjusts to three different heights. Surface tread offers great base for foot massage.

    Adjustable height between 95 and 170 mm.
    Dimensions 340 x 450 x 100 mm (d x w x h).

  • HAG Capisco is perfect for those of you who like the untraditional. No other work chair is so well adapted to working surfaces with different heights or to height-adjustable worktables. With a HAG Capisco you can sit equally well forward or sideways, and you have a wide reach. With the saddle seat you can vary between low and high working positions – right up to standing position, allowing you to be dynamic, but still in balance.

    The HAG Capisco 8106 comes with:

    • Balanced Movement Mechanism (full freedom of movement forwards and backwards)
    • Adjustable tilt tension backwards
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Back height adjustment
    • Lockable seat
    • Seat height adjustment
    • Suitable for all working surfaces with table height of 72cms and higher.
    • Comes with a 200mm gas stem, black base or silver base and castors as standard.
    • Upholstered in Xtreme Plus Cloth
  • Introducing the New Kinesis Freestyle2 adjustable split keyboard in an ultra-thin design. Dramatically thinner than the original Freestyle, the Freestyle2 is ideal for both office and travel use. Retaining the same ergonomic features as its predecessor the Freestyle2 is the only keyboard that adjusts to each individual’s unique body type – from petite to large frame.
    This kit includes a set of V3 lifters, which make the split keyboard adjustable to 3 different degrees 5, 10 and 15.
    These configurations allow complete separation (130 mm) and/or adjustable front splay, adjustable or fixed tenting, plus integrated and removable, padded palm supports.
    The kit also includes 1 set of integrated palm supports, 1 set of replaceable, padded palm pads.

  • MultiTM balans® is an all-round chair with an adjustable sitting angle. The chair can be used at high or low tables. It is collapsible and is easy to move from one room to another.

    The sitting angle (the distance between thigh and torso) can be regulated from very open to closed.

    Sitting positions with a natural open angle reduces the strain on the back and makes breathing easier. The result is a feeling of well-being whilst seated.

    Sit in the natural way with your spine in the same posture as when walking or standing.

    Beech wood natural lacquered as standard other wood colours available.
    Other upholstery colours available on request.



If your office chair and desk is affecting your health, it’s time to think ergonomically.

Our products have been designed with your well-being in mind. And here on our website you’ll find that comfort and good ergonomics go hand in hand with great design and stylish innovation.

We work closely with medical professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and ergonomists to keep abreast of the latest developments and advances in office furniture design. As a result, we’re confident that our products are at the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation.

Online Ergonomics is proud of helping to put a better working environment within everyone’s reach.

We provide a comprehensive and professional service to individuals, business and industry, and our clients include:

  • Blue chip and multi-national companies.
  • Government departments and agencies.
  • Local government and council.
  • Educational establishments including schools, colleges and universities.

We don’t just supply great chairs, desks and equipment. Our expert service includes specialist assessments to ensure that people get the products they need for a comfortable and healthy working life.

  • Workplace DSE assessments
  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) assessments
  • Seating assessments for individuals with complex needs
  • Specialist seating and ergonomic advice
  • Bespoke office chair design to meet specific requirements
  • Office planning and design services
  • Space planning and call centre solutions
  • ‘Turnkey’ furnish and refurbishment schemes

Our service includes personal delivery and installation of seating and desking throughout the UK, and training in its use. No-one offers a more comprehensive professional service than Online Ergonomics.