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If your office chair and desk is affecting your health, it’s time to think ergonomically.

Our products have been designed with your well-being in mind. And here on our website you’ll find that comfort and good ergonomics go hand in hand with great design and stylish innovation.

We work closely with medical professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and ergonomists to keep abreast of the latest developments and advances in office furniture design. As a result, we’re confident that our products are at the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation.

Online Ergonomics is proud of helping to put a better working environment within everyone’s reach.

We provide a comprehensive and professional service to individuals, business and industry, and our clients include:

  • Blue chip and multi-national companies.
  • Government departments and agencies.
  • Local government and council.
  • Educational establishments including schools, colleges and universities.

We don’t just supply great chairs, desks and equipment. Our expert service includes specialist assessments to ensure that people get the products they need for a comfortable and healthy working life.

Our service includes personal delivery and installation of seating and desking throughout the UK, and training in its use. No-one offers a more comprehensive professional service than Online Ergonomics.

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